Why an Educational Consulting in Peru?
There are mostly educational agents and travel agencies in Peru that "help" students take exchange and language programs in the United States. However, very few have experience in higher education and the correct advice during each institution's admission process.

During my professional experience, I have realized this since I have worked with many educational agents who lack guidelines and training on the needs that each student faces when deciding to study abroad. Likewise, my personal experience as an international student helped me realize the lack of advice provided; therefore, I had to investigate and continue my education according to my means.
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What differentiates us from educational agents?
My professional experience is based on the admissions and financial aid area of various institutions and the fundamental elements that every international student needs before applying to a university.

I have knowledge of how to access scholarships in the United States and the appropriate advice according to your needs.

I will help you every step of the way during the admissions process; that way, you will benefit from achieving your educational goals. Above all, this process will have a cost with affordable prices since my purpose is to help many Peruvian students access an American university.
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Admission Center
Steps to study at a University in the United States

Applying to a university is relatively straightforward, but knowing where to start and what to focus on can sometimes be challenging.

  • Think about the professional career that interests you the most
  • It is essential to think about the city in preference that you would like to study.
  • Refresh your English and take the appropriate exam (If you need help, we will guide you)
  • Receive professional educational advice based on your needs as soon as possible
  • With the help of a consultancy, we can determine the best option for you.
1. Complete the University application
Include all your personal information
2. Make the payment for the application
Each University has a different cost; typically, it ranges between $ 50.00 - USD 150.00
3. Certificate of Notes and Academic Report
Provide official copies of all institutions' academic records that have attended secondary or higher education, which all those records should be sent directly to the University. Also, another copy must be translated into English and certified by a notary.

In some cases, universities work with third-party companies to help you with the translation and evaluation of your transcripts. The transcripts should be evaluated based on American standards, and agencies should be accredited. (If you need help with translation and certification, don't worry, we will recommend professional translators)
4. Test Scores
Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, prospective first-year students (for a Bachelor's degree) can apply for the 2021-2022 academic year without taking the SAT or ACT tests, as the optional one has been taken.

● SAT or ACT scores (optional for students applying to the 2021-2022 academic year)

● TOEFL (or TOEFL iBT Special Home Edition), IELTS, PTE (Pearson Language Test), or Duolingo English Test, if the native language is not English. For more detailed information:
  • Duolingo Price: $ 49.00
  • TOEFL Price: $ 185.00
  • IELTS Price: $ 215.00 - $ 250.00

* Placement test: some institutions have their language center, where they offer a standardized test
Approximate Exam Scores: A minimum TOEFL iBT score of 85+ OR A minimum IELTS score of 6.5+; OR A minimum PTE score of 68+; O A minimum score of 120 on the Duolingo English test

* Remember that each institution requires different scores, depending on the area you choose
5. Bank account statement
The United States government requires all international students to prove the ability to pay tuition and living expenses during the first academic year. You must present the financial statement of personal or family support (such as savings deposits, checking accounts, credit cards, or some investment). Each university has a different minimum amount that you must provide.
6. Personal Essay
In the essay, you must describe your personal story. Skills, and why you are the right candidate for the career you are applying for. Some universities have specific essay topics, and if you need advice and grammar correction, we will help you.
7. Curriculum vitae or Resume (Mostly required for Master's degrees)
Please provide an up-to-date resume and include a summary of your educational background and professional experience.
8. Recommendation letters
Letters of recommendation must be academic, professional experience, or extra-curricular activities. Each University requires a different number of recommendations, but mostly it does not exceed three recommendations. It is suggested that the letter be in English or translated into the language.
9. Valid passport
As part of the application, it is essential to have a valid passport of your nationality; if you have any visa type, a copy will also be needed.
* These requirements are essential in most universities to apply to the career you are interested in; some may vary since each institution has different admissions policies.
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Scholarships and Financial Aid
The United States is one of the top-rated destinations that international students choose to pursue higher studies. However, the financial part is a great barrier for many students since they cannot access financial aid through the government through FAFSA (Federal Student Aid). Many institutions offer scholarships to international students to give opportunities to new talents and increase access to American universities.

Scholarships are awarded for good merits, sports, or talents that many students possess. For that reason, we show you some of the many scholarship opportunities where we can help you throughout the application process.
Western New England University
Springfield, Massachusetts

  • 5% of the total student body is represented by international students, the vast majority from Saudi Arabia, India, China, and Brazil
  • The University offers international students resources, such as academic and professional guidance and personalized attention according to their needs. Especially during the Covid-19 pandemic
  • The most popular majors are Engineering, Criminal Justice, Political Science, and Pharmacy.
  • Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, Duolingo will be accepted if you do not have TOEFL or IELTS.
  • For applicants to Bachelor's programs, the SAT or ACT exam is optional due to the Covid-19 pandemic.
  • The University has several scholarships for international students from $ 11,000 - $ 22,000 per year and can be renewed annually, as long as they maintain excellent academic performance.
  • 3.0 GPA is the minimum score to apply for scholarships
University of the West
Rosemead, California

  • The University has international students representing 44 countries
  • Offers Bachelor and Master programs
  • The cost of the classes is affordable compared to other private universities.
  • Offers two types of institutional scholarships Silver of $ 5,000 and Gold scholarship of $ 10,000 per year. Those scholarships are awarded for academic merits and financial needs.
  • To apply for scholarships, you must first be admitted by the University.
  • Provides student residence within the Campus
  • If you do not have the TOELF or IELTS test, you can take the test online directly from your language center (English Placement Program)
Azusa Pacific University
Azusa, California

  • Committed to helping students recognize and value diversity among students
  • Students must have a Christian affiliation (in preference) as a Religion
  • Offers Bachelors and Masters programs
  • Offers different types of scholarships, based on academic merit with a minimum of 3.0 GPA
  • scholarships are available in the Business School (Undergraduate and Graduate program) with a minimum of 3.0 GPA
University of Southern California (USC)
Los Angeles, California (USC)

  • It is a private university and one of the most prestigious in the United States.
  • It has international students representing 130 countries, and 22.6% is the demographics of international students regarding the entire student population.
  • Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the ACT or SAT exams are optional for applying to a baccalaureate program.
  • Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Duolingo will be accepted if you do not have TOEFL or IELTS.
  • The University offers half and full scholarships; the qualification process is based on academic performance, sports, or a specific talent
Michigan State University
East Lansing, Michigan

  • It is one of the universities that are among the top 100 best universities worldwide
  • Considered a public institution
  • One of the popular majors is Medicine and Health Sciences.
  • Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, the ACT or SAT exams for a high school diploma is optional.
  • Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, Duolingo is accepted in case you do not have TOEFL or IELTS.
  • The University has a program for international students called "You are welcome here" scholarships up to $ 25,000 annually, and that can be renewed every year
Rochester Institute of Technology
Rochester, New York

  • Private university specialized in the research
  • 2,400 international students live in the dormitories and have a community of many resources and support
  • 95% of graduate students leave with jobs in different companies and organizations
  • For the admission process, a TOEFL or IELTS test is required
  • Offers maximum scholarships up to $ 20,000 per year
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English Language
General English
Ideal for students who want to balance English studies and take different activities in the city
Intensive English
The Intensive English program offers a comprehensive learning experience for students who wish to take more English classes, including elective courses that students can choose from.
Academic English
Perfect for the student who wants to improve their English skills as quickly as possible, as it prepares you for university studies. This program offers the highest number of lessons per week available, plus the program includes a core class, two electives, and an academic workshop.
TOEFL exam preparation
In this program, you will be allowed to learn different mechanisms that prepare you for the exam. You can also take TOEFL simulations to practice and strengthen your English skills to take a good exam. Then, you will learn different strategies and improve the ability to have better reading comprehension, synthesize information, and improve writing.
IELTS Preparation
The IELTS test is a very popular test used by many universities as one of the admission requirements. This program provides students with preparation for reading comprehension, interpretation, and speaking skills.
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High Education
Undergraduate Programs (Bachelor Degrees)
In countries such as the U.S., programs equivalent to university degrees are called Bachelor Degrees and divided into Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) or Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.). The duration of these programs is four years; at the end of which the students obtain a professional degree abroad and are considered university graduates, giving them the possibility to begin their professional careers and graduate studies.

Master Degrees
Once the university degree has been obtained, students can study Master's programs abroad, with two years, also known as Master Degrees. As with the Bachelor Degrees, there are two types: Master of Science or Master of Philosophy (M.S.c), oriented towards research; and Master of Arts (M.A.). Additionally, another program is oriented to the entrepreneurial and business approach that is better known as a Master in Business Administration (MBA). By obtaining these degrees, you will have the opportunity to work full-time at any U.S. institution for one year or a little longer (depending on the type of Master).
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Helping international students with the admission process in the USA
My name is Nadia Simone
After finishing college, I continued my higher studies and graduated from the Faculty of Economics at the Andean University of Cusco. Later, I did an M.B.A. (Master in Business Administration) in Finance at the University of the West, California. I am currently in the final year of my doctoral program in Higher Education and Leadership at Azusa Pacific University, California. I have a professional experience of 10 years in the academic and administrative part. My focus is “Admission, Enrollment and Financial Aid,” which helps many American and international students to continue with their higher studies, having better access to Quality Education.
Why an Educational Consulting in Peru?
What differentiates us from educational agents?
Admission Center
Scholarships and Financial Aid
Giomara Quispe Apaza

“Tener la oportunidad de estudiar inglés por seis meses en Citrus College (California), me ayudó a encontrar nuevas oportunidades profesionales y desarrollar mi habilidad de inglés académico.”
Mijail Duenas

“En mi experiencia personal, viajar me permitió ampliar mi perspectiva de vida, en cuanto a la educación, el idioma, la sociedad en sí. Fue una gran oportunidad que me permitió tener un desarrollo personal que me hizo más tolerante, adaptable a los cambios y sentir que puedo hacer cosas diferentes, vencer mis miedos y poder emprender.”
Lucia Aráoz

“Mi nombre es Lucía Aráoz, el 2018 realice un “International Cultural Exchange Program” en Orlando Florida. Fue una experiencia enriquecedora, tanto para mi vida personal, porque hice nuevos amigos, viajé mucho, viví sola y aprendí a administrar mi tiempo y presupuesto; como para mi vida profesional, porque practique el idioma ingles, tome clases con profesionales de una de las empresas mejor posicionadas en el mundo y amplié mi red de contactos”
Renzo Figallo

“The decision to go to study another country was the best of my life. Not only in academics, but in the knowledge of other cultures and growth as a person. It enriches you greatly.”
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